How We Work

How We Work

We believe that good projects are built on a good strategy and strong data. We support attaining both.

Strategic Positioning

Ultimately, the strategy followed in a development program needs to support the right market value of the asset. We have often seen commercial visions that are either too ambitious or too narrow. Defining the optimal strategic positioning – in the context of differentiation and creation of new niches – is a speciality of TherapeutAix. Working towards the best positioning justifies investments and increases value.


We build translational strategies derived from an understanding of target and disease biology with an emphasis on models with human origin – in vitro models with human cells or tissues, confirmation of target engagement in healthy volunteers, supplemented with mechanistic animal models. An optimal translational trajectory provides a clear line of sight to the clinic and strategic positioning and allows for defined decision points


We design the optimal PK/PD package that builds confidence in target modulation and sets the foundation for successful translation in the clinical. Assessment of biomarker and disease endpoints provide exposure levels that need to be achieved preclinically and clinically.

TherapeutAix: From Pre-clinical to POC



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Successful projects are built on good data and a strong strategy

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